Airport Again Registers Intense Activity

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Yesterday alone 70 flights arrived from the US and from some cities in the country, for a total of 268 flights this weekend.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day of intense work at the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta, with the arrival of 70 flights that caused the airport to fill up with passengers, both those arriving and those returning to their place of origin, continuous arrivals and departures of planes from different airlines; who have had to increase their frequencies based on the demand of passengers who wish to vacation in this tourist destination; and, July was a very good month and August is showing a great increase with the arrival of thousands of passengers which results in very good figures for this Port. Puerto Vallarta registered in the month of July an increase of more than 14 percent with respect to the same month of 2019, which represented the greatest advance among all the terminals operated in the country by Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP).

Likewise, last July, Puerto Vallarta received 457 thousand 100 passengers 14.4 % more than in July 2019, when there were 399 thousand 500 and 361% more than in July 2020, when only 99 thousand 200 arrived; in addition, it represented an increase of 20% from the previous month. Thus, this weekend alone 268 flights arrived, with 69 on Thursday, August 5, 62 on Friday, August 6, 67 on Saturday, August 7, and 70 on Sunday, for a total of 268 flights this weekend alone, which represents a good number of national and international arrivals. Passengers who will be vacationing at this time are from cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas as well as Mexico City and Guadalajara among other parts of the country.