Covid Rapid Tests at the Airport

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Foreigners come to prestigious Laboratorio Medico Polanco before returning to their country of origin.

Vallarta Today went directly to the offices of the Medical Laboratory Polanco, located in the parking lot tent in front of Aviacion General, where we were received by Elena Rodriguez, manager of this branch in Puerto Vallarta, "we know beforehand how valuable this information is for foreigners who live in this Port and are about to return to their country", for which we interviewed Elena who told us: we provide services for covid-19 tests, it is the rapid test and the PCR test, for both of them you need to bring your passport and flight itinerary, and we depend a lot on the delivery of results, what I mean: if you have a flight scheduled on the same day it would be convenient that you take the test at least 2 hours before so you are on time, also to make your check in, as to make your formalities at the airport. We deliver rapid tests in 30 to 45 minutes, and at PCR we deliver results in 48 hours. The cost of the antigen test is 450 in Mexican pesos; we do not accept dollars, and we accept debit, credit and American Express cards. And the PCR test is 1,450 pesos. To register the patients we have a QR code, which makes it much easier for us to enter and charge the patients, that is, they scan the QR code, there are two formats in English and Spanish, when they scan the code they will get a form that must be filled out with personal information such as address in the country where they reside, address in the country where they were tourists, e-mail, age and their name; It is important that your name is the same as the one in your passport, with which you are going to board, since the airline checks both the result and the passport, you finish the pre-registration and they will send you a number, a QR code in your mail, and with that we scan and download all the information.

The Airport has been offering this service of rapid testing against covid-19, since January 2021, to date where we have noticed some influx of foreigners who have received this service, and that has facilitated their procedures which are required in their country of origin which vary from one country to another and even to Europe; so it is important to note that you should check with your airline to ensure the required test according to your destination abroad. When we asked Elena about making stopovers in other countries she replied: "It is important to check when making stopovers in other countries, as in the case of Canadians flying to the United States and from there to their country in Canada, that the airline you are traveling on tells you at what time they recommend you to take your test to avoid expiration at the time of making the procedures to other countries. In this case we recommend the requirements of the airline, who are the ones who establish them to be able to enter each country although we travel. And the airline in which they fly. In the case of Canadians, as there is no direct flight to Canada, the two antigen tests are done to enter the United States and the PCR, to enter Canada. We are a laboratory with prestige and with all the controls, we are certified with ISO 9000 and our tests are accepted in all the countries.