Testing Laboratory Operational in Puerto Vallarta's Airport

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Reduced Cost Covid-19 PCR and AntiGen testing now available 24 hours at Puerto Vallarta Airport

According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) order that took effect on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, every passenger bound for the United States of America, must complete a covid-19 PCR or Antigen screening test, within 72 hours prior to boarding your flight to the United States and carry the results electronically or on paper to be presented to the airline prior to travel.

For this reason Puerto Vallarta Airport (GAP) facilitates the installation of the Polanco Medical Laboratory on a temporary basis as one more option for passengers that travel to our destination.

GAP recommends arriving with enough time to take your flight and previously perform, If possible, the documentation and requirements to fly. If the passengers wish to be tested at the airport, at least an additional hour must be added to their travel itinerary from the airline's recommended time.
In addition, GAP suggests that passengers check with their airline for government requests and to learn about possible changes to their flight itinerary.
For international passengers, the antigen test will cost 450 pesos with a delivery time of 30 minutes, while the PCR test will cost 1,450 pesos, with a delivery time of 24 hours to 48 hours.

Payment must be by credit card or if preferred cash in dollars or Mexican pesos.

The laboratory will be open 24 hours a day beginning January 29th is currently operating on this schedule.

To take the test, passengers must present themselves personally and show their personal identification such as passport, to verify that they are an international passenger as well as show their flight number to receive the discounted pricing provided.

The results will be delivered via email, and for the test it is requested not to wear jewelry in the nose, as well as not to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.