Puerto Vallarta Beaches Are Being Enjoyed By Tourists

Enjoying Vallarta Beaches!

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Tourists and locals continue to enjoy the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, which already have places where the rules for healthy coexistence before COVID-19 are published, both in Spanish and English.


These were placed by the municipality, since, the Governor of the State, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, determined that public beaches would be the responsibility of the City Council and the hoteliers of their concessions.

This weekend, the city's beaches once again shone with a large influx of people and they still do not respect the prevention measures; very few are the people who actually go to the beach with their masks, for example, or respecting the healthy distance.

Three weeks have passed, since the beaches of Puerto Vallarta could be opened in the face of this health contingency, a claim made by locals and businessmen to gradually reactivate the city's economy. Also, beach sellers continue to work with a little more profit, since they lasted more than two months without being able to work because they were closed

It should be remembered that it is important that if you go to the beach, when entering and leaving the beach, you must use face masks, and you can remove it since it is in the beach space that you are going to use. Likewise, the groups must be a maximum of 8 people, preferably per family and if you rent chairs, lounge chairs or umbrellas, demand that they be sanitized in your presence before using them.

Before and after going to the beach, you should take a shower and it is recommended not to lend toys and other utensils, among other recommendations that you can already consult on the same beach.