The Pitillal River Perseveres

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A Call to Care for and Protect Puerto Vallarta's Most Important River

The Pitillal River stands as the lifeline that sustains the flow nurturing Puerto Vallarta city. A city so well balanced and vibrant owes much to the presence of this haven of peace and abundance. The significance of the Pitillal River extends beyond Puerto Vallarta, as it stands as one of the region's most crucial waterways, supporting a myriad of animals, trees, and plants, ensuring their sustenance. Despite last year's severe drought and the subsequent slight decline in water levels, today we can proudly assert that the Pitillal River endures.

The Pitillal River, named after a place of "pitayas" (cactus fruit), graces our beautiful municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Spanning approximately 15 kilometers from its mouth at Banderas Bay to a point in the mountainous Las Animas area where the Nuevo and El Nogal streams converge, the river embodies this name.

Today, the river emerges somewhat weary; the weather hasn't been conducive to its well-being. It grapples with scarcity, lacking the abundance that characterizes it. However, rainfall brings hope, offering the promise of nature enduring, allowing Vallartenses to witness a new dawn in the life of their river.

The Pitillal River serves as a crucial water source for Puerto Vallarta's tourist center, deriving its water from the concentrated liquid within the mountainous framework enveloping the region. Recognized as a priority conservation area by the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) and the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), this region boasts an extraordinary wealth of species and provides vital environmental services to the area.

Numerous environmental collectives and associations have initiated programs for dredging and cleaning the Pitillal River, aiming to remove the abundant waste that plagues the river and could ultimately reach the sea, causing severe harm to marine life. Hence, a sincere appeal is made to the community to ensure that there is no litter in the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta's most significant river.