Pandemic Caused A Growth In Social Networks

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Social networks are gaining ground every day with an increase of 490 million new users.

During the pandemic of Covid-19, the registration of users in social networks skyrocketed, presenting an increase of 13%, equivalent to 490 million new users, to the detriment of traditional media that have been affected in their sales as in the case of television and radio. Currently, 53% of the population, that is, 4.2 billion people. use social networks to communicate, according to the annual report, Digital 2021 by Hootsuite and We Are Social. Mexico is no exception, where the growth of registered users in the main social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has been exponential in the last year, the year of the pandemic. 

Traditional media in Puerto Vallarta have been surpassed and, for the time being, the main business is in the internet pages and interactions through digital platforms, said an expert. "The pandemic has only accelerated this shift, and even lagging brands are now moving to online interactions," said Tom Kaiser, CEO of Hootsuite. Facebook continues to crown itself as the world's most used social platform, with Facebook-owned apps accounting for 4 of the top 5 most used social platforms globally, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp. 

NINE HOURS ON THE NETWORK In the case of Mexico this was boosted in a country with more than 100 million users of social networks, which represents A growth of 12.4% compared to 2019. In this region, traditional media have bet with medium success to the websites, but they have failed to connect with the entire audience, sometimes because they are too yellow or pretend to be too attractive, they fall into inaccuracies and amazing headlines that end up being gross deceptions to the audiences, who punish those pages by stopping following them.

 In addition, Mexican users stated that they spend an average of hours surfing the net; two hours above the global average, with the most visited sites being Google, YouTube and Facebook. "It is not surprising that in a year in which many people around the world spent weeks and months locked away, we have seen a massive growth in social networking and internet users. So much of our lives now take place through digital channels, whether it's connecting on social media, shopping on mobile, using voice, installing smart devices or playing online games," explained Nathan MCDonald, co-founder and CEO of We Are Social Group. Total time online has increased and the average internet user spends nearly 7 hours a day, across their devices if added up they would spend more than two full days online during a 7-day week; this has increased by 16 minutes, or 4% year over year.