The First Rain Of The Season Arrives In Puerto Vallarta

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A Refreshing Relief for Vallarta Residents

Like a refreshing breeze that brings peace to nature, the first drops of rain of the season arrived in Puerto Vallarta in the early hours of June 11, 2024. As a result, the city streets, the boardwalk, and the beaches of the Bay woke up wet with that characteristic smell of wet earth. An experience that brings hope to the hot dynamics that Vallarta residents had to endure during the dry season.

While rain is possible any day of the year in most parts of the world, Puerto Vallarta's climate tends to follow a regular pattern, with heavy rains from June to October, the warmest months. The rainy season also gifts us magnificent thunderstorms at night. The rainy season extends from mid-June to the end of August, continuing with isolated showers until mid-October, with an average annual rainfall of 1,417 millimeters. The prevailing winds are from the southwest, and there are no frosts.

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place for tourists seeking to escape to the sea and enjoy the beauty of Mexico without the luxurious atmosphere of a Los Cabos resort. This destination has managed to stay true to its small-town roots while offering all the amenities one can imagine, from elegant beachfront hotels to boutiques and a vibrant nightlife. People are also drawn to Puerto Vallarta for its beautiful landscapes of the Sierra Madre and the Bay of Banderas, as well as its simply perfect subtropical climate.

Since Puerto Vallarta is located at the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, its climate is very similar. Humidity is definitely a defining factor of Puerto Vallarta's weather during part of the year. This region of Mexico is very humid between June, July, August, and September, which is also its rainy season. However, thanks to the beautiful landscapes during this time of year, the low season can be as busy as the high season.

We invite everyone to enjoy the freshness of the season's rains and to prepare with waterproofing for the roofs, offering shelter to those in need and taking precautions if the rains intensify. Puerto Vallarta's climate is like a kaleidoscope, shifting from paradise to incredible storms in an instant.