A Strange Weather For Puerto Vallarta

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Wind and rain poetry of memories for Valentine's Day.

As if by request, Valentine's Day had its protest from Nature, which ruined several outdoor plans for lovers and left a rather melancholic and contemplative atmosphere, a strange climate of bohemian night and long embrace. The musical notes in the heart smell of lost memories and obsolete reminiscences. Love manifested itself in its most natural form, with drops of rain and chilly wind; it didn't seem like the appropriate weather for Vallartans who have grown accustomed to sweat between their skin, to the taste of cold beer contrasting with extreme heat. The fast-moving clouds left a lull of rain ready for meditation.

The day started with a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius and a partially cloudy day, which to the perception of Vallartans is already intense cold. Throughout the day, it improved; by 9 in the morning, the little sun of the day had already come out to greet as a partially cloudy sky hindered communication, but we had already risen to 19 degrees Celsius. Then, at noon, the "Chipi-chipi" started, the endless drizzle like Love, leaving us with 73% humidity and gusts of wind at 9 km/h, but with a cold wind that left Vallartans sneezing. By 6 pm, the temperature had risen to 26 degrees Celsius, and humidity held at 47%, prompting lovers to opt for warm coffee, hot chocolate, and indoor activities to avoid the cold, which is an important issue in a romantic relationship. The heat of passions, the warmth of caresses, the warmth of bodies give way to the development of affection between couples.

Cold front Number 34 did its thing, for some for good and for some for bad, but it forced all Vallartans to bring out their coats to protect themselves from the strange cold that visited the lands of Love on Valentine's Day.