Introducing Christina Larson Top Rated Real Estate Agent

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Christina Larson, Energy, and Passion for Helping."Boardwalk Realty," one of the leading agencies in the real estate sector.

Christina Larson is a broker and partner at "Boardwalk Realty," one of the top agencies in Bahía de Banderas and Puerto Vallarta, one of the most popular markets for second-home investment in the USA. She works with energetic and personal focus, managing strategic goals to promote the significant growth of recent years. The number one sales company in 2023, as reported in "AMPI" statistics, "Boardwalk Realty" stands out in a highly competitive market. Passionate about local education for underprivileged children, Christina and the "Boardwalk" team support Corazón de Niña while serving on the board of a trails and urban parks organization (parquesysenderospv).

As the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta adapts to changing dynamics, "Boardwalk Realty" remains a steadfast pillar of reliability and excellence. Guided by the professional oversight of "AMPI," it stands out as one of the leading brokerage houses addressing the diverse needs of the community. Whether assisting locals or foreigners, our certified real estate agents tirelessly strive to facilitate secure and transparent transactions, ensuring the satisfaction of our valuable clients.

Established in 2012 as a boutique firm, "Boardwalk Realty" has flourished on the foundation of service and excellence principles. Having served a multitude of clients over the years, its strong team of 20 agents has become adept at navigating the intricate nuances of the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit market. With a formidable presence in both resale and developer specialties, it has earned a reputation, forging a standing with reliable colleagues dedicated to "Doing the right thing..." for clients consistently.

A central element of its success is its team of professionals. Backed by trained managers, their sales specialists can focus on their core competencies: effectively marketing a seller's property or tailoring tours to the specific preferences of the most discerning buyers. The passion that each team member brings to their work makes "Boardwalk Realty" not only a great place to do business but also an ideal partner in the thriving real estate market of Puerto Vallarta.

Despite market changes experienced over the past year, the Vallarta Riviera Nayarit real estate market retains its strength, offering opportunities for those looking to diversify investments or find a sun-soaked retreat during the winter. In 2023, the overall real estate market experienced a 30% decrease in gross sales, amounting to 5.9 billion dollars, a setback from the previous year's historic peak of 8.5 billion dollars. Christina Larson will undoubtedly continue to be not only an example of a real estate agent but also a successful woman.