Gala Dinner In Kaiser Maximiliam

Fine Dining
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Within the framework of the International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta .

The dinner offered by the Kaiser Maximilian restaurant, as part of the International Gourmet Festival, was a success. The diners were very satisfied with the gala dinner offered by the prestigious European food restaurant, located in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. Its owner Andreas Rupprechter commented that guest chef Mathieu Ravinel and his team of collaborators of the restaurant made an excellent teamwork. The entire staff of Kaiser Maximilian perfectly followed the indications of the renowned international chef, who has a great culinary trajectory. The 6-course dinner impressed the cocktail guests, who had a great night and enjoyed exquisite dishes such as duck, lobster and beef fillet, which were very much enjoyed by the attendees, in addition to the live music.

It is worth mentioning that the 26th edition of the International Gourmet Festival is a very important event, with the participation of internationally renowned chefs, the best in the world. This Festival will bring an important economic benefit to Puerto Vallarta. It is a 10-day event, where each participating restaurant hosts a guest master chef to create a festival of their own, generating without a doubt, great opportunities to savor inspired world-class menus. Each participating restaurant will offer daily dinners for resident tourists to enjoy an exquisite dinner, with selected high quality ingredients, international dishes, a fusion of European cuisine with a Mexican touch, in an environment surrounded by nature, sun and beach. It is an opportunity where the chefs will use their creativity to create different and quality dishes, in addition to fusing original flavors, to pamper the most demanding palates.

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