Challenging Times for Restaurant

Fine Dining
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Having a restaurant today is more than a challenge, and having three is crazy!

“Gastronomy was going through one of its best moments,” says Chef Oliver Applegate, “it is wonderful to see people as they begin to get involved in all the aspects of the gastronomic world, as well as mixology, and they are becoming more demanding.” 

This rallies everyone in the industry and forces greater responsibility and commitment towards better and healthier cooking methods. Also more varied ingredients to ensure creativity. Some restaurants may take refuge in the traditional, while others compete day by day for the contemporary, and both trends are respectable as long as the ethical values of gastronomy are used.


If previously it was difficult, now it is terrifying to be the owner of a restaurant. With the new era of Covid health safety measures, restaurant owners have to think and act differently. They have to adapt and train their staff to be more responsible. At De Cantaro and Vallarta Factory restaurants, the human factor is the most important part of the equation. And not just regarding the customers, but also the employees. When the employees are treated with respect and dignity the customers will be happy as well.  It is an equation that has always worked for them.

“We appreciate every day being able to open and do what we know best,” said owner and Chef Applegate. “Our greatest satisfaction is to see when a client gets up from the table and asks if they can meet the chef. Someone who appreciates the experience that happened in our place makes everyone happy.”