Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Our Old Town Art Walk for next season will include
One of the oldest and largest ethnic art galleries in PV, invites you to browse and marvel at a fascinating collection of over 5,000 handmade Mexican objects, now housed on 2 spacious floors.
Galerías Sergio Bustamante was created in 1975 casting artwork and jewlery with singular technic, high quality and original design; designs that have gotten international recognition in some of the best department stores in the world, from Harrod´s in London to Bloomingdale´s in NYC.
Life gave this unusual artist unusual abilities, which he has devoted to painting since 1985, when he found inspiration in a colorful sunrise between the sea and mountains of Yelapa�when he discovered his muse: Puerto Vallarta.
Exclusively dedicated to showcasing the fine pottery of Mata Ortiz, M�xico
A unique collection of antique Mexican jewelry and ceramics by Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art.
Galeria Vallata offers a wide selection of art by talented artists. Discover our treasures.

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