Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Contact Person: Aldis Barsketis
Street: Calle Popa L12 Marina Vallarta
City: Puerto Vallarta
Country: Mexico
Phone: 435-714-7012
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Aldis Barsketis
WeExpats Insurance Solutions
Expat insurance solutions by Expats (Medical, Evacuation, Auto, Home)
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Tuesday March 24th 10 am Mar Y Sol Restaurant Ave Pacificio No 4 Puerto Vallarta

Tuesday March 24th, 2 PM Biblioteca Los Mangos, Ave Francisco Villa
Wednesday March 25 10 am Pescador Hotel, Paraguay #1117
Special Seminar only pricing will be offered!
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A Medical Evacuation can cost over $40,000. WHATS YOUR PLAN?
Protect yourself, your nest egg. Skymed takes you home! Guaranteed!


• We transport you if you suffer a life or organ threatening injury or illness, even a broken hip or a compound fracture. With our“not medically necessary” benefit for transport, which means EVEN IF you can be treated perfectly well where you are first hospitalized, we will still take you home (most programs say “IF YOU CAN’T BE TREATED LOCALLY”...then “TO THE CLOSEST ADEQUATE FACILITY”. SkyMed out performs all assistance companies.

• If one spouse predeceases the other, the surviving spouse/partner or other eligible family member can take over the remaining full years left on a multi-year membership.

• If you are a Mexico resident, you can choose any city in the US or Canada as your transport preference city. If you are a snowbird,then your hometown or closest big city with trauma center is your transport city. SkyMed takes YOU, your traveling companion, your car, motorcycle, boat, minor children, grandchildren, physical remains and even your pets ALL THE WAY HOME!

• We DON’T cancel you when you reach a certain age. Your rate never goes up because you age.
• We DON’T require annual medical reports for you to qualify for renewal when you reach a certain age.

• We DON’T discriminate regarding marital status or sex. Any two adults residing at the same address qualify as a family.
READ THE FINE PRINT – many other companies DO.

• We DON’T restrict the length of your trips at a certain age.

• We DON’T ask you to qualify again regardless of what medical conditions you may acquire in the future. Upon enrollment you are automatically covered for sudden illnesses and accidents. You DO have to qualify in the beginning & there is a 90 day waiting period for pre-existing conditions; all else is covered from day one. Once enrolled SkyMed guarantees renewal for LIFE!

Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation Coverage will transport you in the event of an Emergency medical situation or severe illness. Many clients have the false sense of security they are covered for these situations with their basic travel insurance plans, platinum credit cards or their medical insurance. This is very basic coverage with many limitations. Most US health plans have a limit of $5,000 for medical ambulances and very few cover outside of the US.

Here are some questions to consider and ask :

-Will your provider or insurance plan transfer you to the closest medical facility, or to where you want to receive care? ( like your home town) Our plan allows transport to the facility you chose.
-What will trigger you to receive a transport? Medically necessary, if you decide, or the insurance company case manager decides?
-Are there limits and deductibles Medical Transport can cost $20,000 to 50,000 and the air ambulance will not fly unless you pay on the spot.

Many Expats and travelers have coverage at home, they utilize their foreign countries medical resources for basic care, yet purchase this coverage in the event of a major medical situation. If you have US medicare or Canadian care, this is a great choice for your health need.

Plans are available for short term coverage all the way to annual coverage for Expats living year round abroad. This is sometimes a reasonable solution for foreign medical insurance that has high deductibles and only covers care outside of the US.

We can cover expats anywhere. Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama anywhere...

Contact us and we will provide you a quote.

Mexican Homeowners Insurance

We offer Mexican Home and Condo Homeowners Insurance.
Many Homeowners feel that by owning a Mexican Style Home built of stone and a thought that ,"no one can sue down here", forgo coverage. Consider that earthquakes, hurricanes, theft, injuries are common and not insuring their properties ( especially when bought for cash) is a risky proposition. Coverage is thorough and reasonable. Call or email us to review your specific situation. Protect your adventure!
(Note We can not offer renters insurance at this time)

We represent ACE Seguros (A solid A rated company)
A special US style policy form developed for our group.


  •  Online direct-to-consumer

Click here for a link to a copy of the policy.

Do you own a Mexican Home and own a policy, do the following BEFORE a claim occurs

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