Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Account Name: Mamas Unidas por la Rehabilitación de Sus Hijos A.C.
retirement community especially designed for active, involved people who are determined to continue living life to the fullest. Our philosophy of continuing care makes it possible.
We are a non-profit civil association founded on the year 2000. We are working on finding the social equilibrium.
This association's sole undertaking is to raise money to provide scholarships to Puerto Vallarta young people.
Our Mission: Rescue and transform children in extreme poverty, domestic violence, or abandonment.
Care and therapy to low income children and adults with disability and/or musculoskeletal problems
Volunteer organization funds charitable causes such as cleft palate surgeries for needy Mexican children and gives cash assistance to local charities. Raises funds through cultural and social events.
Rotary is an international association by entrepreneur and professional leaders of both genders who provide humanitarian service.
A Community Center that is operating the 365 days of the year attending more than 60 poor children from dysfunctional families and with alcoholism and drug addiction problems.

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