Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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La Regadera

Street: Morelos #666 Puerto Vallart
City: Puerto Vallarta
Country: Mexico
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La Regadera - Puerto Vallarta karaoke bar, cantina and downtown dance club
Address: Morelos #666
Phone: (322) 221 - 3970, 044 322 148 1612





The drinking age in Mexico is 18, though a number of places don't card carefully. The bars and cantinas serve alcohol until 2am while dance clubs will go on until 4am-6am, or even later. The Puerto Vallarta nightlife party scene in the discos and nightclubs in general has a late start, coming to life around 10-11pm to midnight or even later and going into the wee hours, and of course weekends are the most popular time to go out, drink, have fun, find some romance, or just dance the night away at your favorite Puerto Vallarta night club. It would be perhaps be difficult to find a boring nightlife location in Puerto Vallarta, especially during the extremely lively high season tourism months of November to April.

Nightlife travel tips: I strongly advise you to check prices before ordering, always keep an accurate account of your tab, and count your change. Better to pay when served, as opposed to keeping a tab. Please note too that it's customary in Mexico for the client to ask for the bill in restaurants and bars. Here are more Puerto Vallarta travel tips and vacation advice.

Some of the clubs such as Collage, Hilo, Mandala and the Zoo have a cover charge entrance fee ranging from 100-400 pesos ($9-$33, more or less), usually on the weekends and sometimes the cover charge includes an open national bar. And yes I'd say that the Puerto Vallarta downtown area, along with other tourist locations in this beach town, are safe to walk around and enjoy, day and night.

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