Friday, June 22, 2018
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JackPot Charters

Contact Person: Douglas Zakes
Street: Marina Las Palmas- II Local 11 y 12
City: Puerto Vallarta
Country: Mexico
Phone: 322- 209-13-27
Website: jackPotcharters
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Jackpot Crewed Charters


Jackpot Charters offers the best and most modern fleet in Puerto Vallarta, our bout are equipped, maintained and always ready to catch The Big One.

Also we offer charters around The Bay to Los Arcos, Las Animas, Caletas, Islas Marietas or Yelapa. Step into a world of luxury aboard our crewed Yachts and sailboats, experience a boating experience beyond your imagination. With a professional captain and staff catering to your every desire, you can cruise down the coast far from the stress of a busy life, or just around the point to the next bay. Where you go and what you do is up to you.

Fast and comfortable cruiser racer.

Fishing Zone

We offer our customers three main fishing areas within and outside of The Bay or create your own fishing adventure!

The Bay - Recommended for Bottom fishing, trolling, larger groups, wives and girlfriends, cruise passengers, those on a tight budget or short on time, those who get seasick. Less than 1 hour of travel time.

El Morro - Recommended for those who want the best deep sea fishing possible in 8 hours in Puerto Vallarta, run as a combo trip with the Marietas Islands. All fishermen, those who want an excellent chance at a trophy fish, but don't want the travel time of Corbetena or the Banks. Approx. 1.25 hours each way.

Corbeteña - Serious fishermen, trophy fishing, Marlin and Sailfish, Wahoo and Tuna. Our recommendation for the best overall fishing site in Puerto Vallarta. Approx 1.5 hrs each way.

The Banks - Recommended for only the most hardcore fishermen or overnighters. Popular for huge cow tuna, but at over 50 miles, it's a long haul. Approx. 2 hours each way.

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