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Mexico Teacher's Day - May 15th

teacherfrontThe Mexico Teacher’s Day is one of the vibrant celebrations in the world being among the top 25 countries.

The country, based on Wikipedia record, is the 12th largest country in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) It also ranked 24th in the world by UNESCO in terms of youth literacy program from children students between 15-24 years old. It has a literacy rate of 96 percent for the youth sector. Mexico also ranked 11th in the world having the biggest population of 109 million people.

The teacher appreciation day in the country every 15th day of May is filled with much fun fare. As to significance it said that the said date is also the commemoration of the capture of Queretario.

Here are among the vibrant teacher appreciation activities across the country.

University parties

Many of the big colleges and universities in Mexico are sponsoring special parties for their professors. Since the system of education in big universities in the country is excellent the celebration of Mexico Teacher’s Day is also something that many educators are always happy to be associated with. There are the usual awarding ceremonies of teachers that excel in their field of expertise. Usually, the big and classy parties are held in hotels and famous restaurants in the country. In fact, some of the universities also give out cash awards aside from the plaque of appreciations.

Beach parties

However, there are also public schools in the country that also prefer o hold their parties in beaches in order to minimize costs. Although the government under the leadership of Pres. Peña Nieto is fully supporting the celebration, he also sees to it that the government is able to minimize lavish spending of the people’s taxes.

School activities

Majority of the public schools in the country also prefer to conduct school activities only. The students entertain the teachers through dances, songs, dramatization, comical skits, declamation and all forms of entertainment. The usual giving of love cards to their favourite teachers is also among the traditional activities in regional schools. However, many teachers said they also love to read messages from their students.

 Source: Teacher Appreciation

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