Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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GAP Announces New Terminal At The Vallarta Airport

PVR Airport Welcome 410x200GAP will invest 3 billion pesos for the construction of a new terminal at the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz airport in Puerto Vallarta.

This new infrastructure will have a new terminal that will include platform extensions with its roads, connections to the runways, customs area, security filters, as well as a commercial area, waiting rooms, immigration, and documentation areas.

It will also have all the services such as taxi services and parking is totally a new infrastructure. The work will begin in January of 2020, and will end in 2024. This is how Raúl Revuelta announced the director of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico.

During the International Security Forum that took place in Puerto Vallarta, I mentioned the importance of reinforcing the security culture in all areas, both the private initiative and the authority to work together.

I also comment that a series of measures be taken regarding airport security and said: we will implement a series of actions that have to be synchronized and in that sense the challenge for us is to disseminate and monitor precisely that all these measures are met in a Appropriate way, with forums like this one is precisely to give a framework of quick reference so that the experts we have in the country, our expert airport commanders have a homologation in terms of criteria, so I am very happy because we can in this way contribute in a fast way to renew this culture of bonding towards security.

I also assure that security is an essential message, as is the theme of the service without doubt to strengthen tourist flows it is necessary that the country has more modern, efficient and above all safe infrastructures.

Safety will be based on taking care that the planes take off and land safely. The other part is related to the safety of passengers and their cargo, since airports are responsible for not endangering or for security or terrorism a flight. That there are no alarms, or explosives, that put the safety of people at risk.

The airport will have more modern technology such as tomography, which will be used to check luggage, thus increasing the level of certainty of weapons explosives at the airport.

The teams will grow to meet security measures and existing regulations, we seek greater growth and obviously comply with the regulations and that our passengers are safe within our airports, however, we are always looking to implement better technology that is less intrusive to the passenger, living an experience as best as possible, they do not have to be opening your bags, but the tomography teams do a better review of the suitcases and avoid the opening of luggage ended.

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