Friday, April 20, 2018
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Come and Celebrate Earth Day in Puerto Vallarta

earthfrontEvery year Earth Day is celebrated and we believe it is the perfect excuse to invite you to spend a weekend in contact with nature.

Come this 22nd and 23rd of April to Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden, activities start from 8am with:

- Birdwatching: an activity guided by experts that will show us the best qualities of this hobby.

- Screening of the documentary "The Lost Bird Project": With valuable information that talks about a tribute to the extinct birds due to man in North America.

- Walk in the garden: Guided tour of the garden paths where we will know some very valuable details about this reserve.

- Presentation of conservation initiatives: This region is rich in flora and fauna, but unfortunately many of these species are threatened, so there are organizations working to reestablish these populations or to prevent others from diminishing. Come to know them and is part of this noble work.

- Field trip for military macaw observation and demonstration of the installation of an artificial nest: Rancho El Santuario is located at 10 minutes from the garden, where the macaws that we are visiting resides, we are also going to install one of the artificial nests that were donated to help these birds to make their population stronger, come and be a witness of this special event.

- Field trip for observation of macaws and demonstration of the installation of an artificial nest: Rancho El Santuario is located 10 minutes from the Garden, there reside the military green macaws that we will visit and in step we will install one of the nests that have been Donated to help these birds strengthen their population, come and be witness to this special event. $ 200 pesos per person.

* It is recommended to wear long trousers and / or organic insect repellent.​

Entrance to the Botanical Garden: $ 150 pesos per person.

Source: Visit Puerto Vallarta

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