Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Candelaria is coming... time for Tamales

2706112781 55ab992bc8 zAnytime is a good time for tamales.

Feb. 2nd is Candlemas, also known as "Candelaria" in Spanish, the day in Catholic tradition when Jesus was first taken to the temple in Jerusalem. Families celebrate by lighting candles, and there’s often a party.

“Back on January 6, the day the Wise Men came to Jesus, Mexican families share a rosca de reyes cake with a tiny Jesus doll inside. Whoever finds the doll has to help throw a party on February 2nd”. A wintertime party means lots of warm, comforting tamales. “That’s the culture. It comes from the generations.”

There are different types of tamales, in the north where corn husks are used to sheath tamales, which are made with masa specially processed corn, in the south, where green plantain leaves serve as the wrappers, and the dough can incorporate pureed fresh-from-the-cob sweet corn. In either style, choices of fillings include chicken, pork and salsa, or cheese and jalapeño. 

Be sure to try the dulce tamales (sweet). My favorite combines raisins and sweetened condensed milk to make a rich, comfort-food dessert.

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