Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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ACT II Premier Was Very Successful

Kami Desilets show landscape 410x200The opening night performance was a rendition of Whos That Girl!

Last night The Red Room cabaret premiered their broadway production called (who’s that girl) starring Kami Desilets from Winnipeg Canada. The opening night was filled with excited guests arriving early and all exploding into a standing ovation as they launched this well know production from the 1950’s

Danny Mininni managed the opening of this new production at ACTII theater that hosts local talent from all over Vallarta. He also mentioned that the theater consists of two stages, both have high definition sound and theater affects that complement their classy seating. This Naviance assisted in a providing an amazing production that was perfect. The presentation, sound, lighting and vocals felt as if you were in a formal broad-way production.

Who’s that girl was brought to life by Danny years back while working with kami Desilets. He found so many of his guest were raving about his staring actor saying always (who’s that girl). Danny then began the journey to bring this idea to theater in Vallarta

Who’s that girl, is represented by three very different characters’ and the story talks about a girl who falls in love with a man who has a complicated life and finds it hard to move forward with their relationship. Their age different, prior relationships and heritage was against her upbringing and pulled her self away from him. Their love for each other prevailed. Alphonso’s production captures the hard times and passion of Nelly Forebush in a beautiful way with amazing vocals, acting and presentation

Who’s that Girl is still available with two more amazing presentations

 IMG 0721 IMG 0716
 Whos That Girl- Kami Desilets   Whos That Girl - Kami Desilets

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