Kass Smith's Concert Was A Great Success

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The audience applauded, sang and danced to the songs performed by the artist.

Last weekend Kass Smith performed in concert at the Vallarta Theater before a large audience of foreign residents of Vallarta and tourists who attended the concert. The event started at 7 pm, with an extraordinary cast of 23 musicians on stage of his Big Band with its director Francisco Mendoza, who immediately captured the attention of those present. The sound of the different instruments and their coordination was a delight for the spectators, who immediately applauded. The concert began with the appearance on stage of the extraordinary singer Kassiano, for which the cries of emotion were heard.

He was accompanied by beautiful dancers and the Choreographer Jennifer Castro who adorned the stage. Some of the songs played were : The Best things in life, Mack the knife , You'll never find, Dont go changing, Unforgettable, and Solamente una vez, As well as the famous song of the legendary Frank Sinatra New York New York, with a cast of beautiful dancers that drove the guests crazy with their beautiful costumes, Broadway type that fascinated the audience. Professionalism above all, an excellent coordination between the musicians and the artist was undoubtedly a success the concert offered that night. And we could not miss the participation of Tashara Smith, daughter of Kass Smith, with the song "Aleluha", who surprised the guests with her talented voice. Kamali also son of the singer interpreted the song "Put your head on my shoulder" by Paul Anka and "Fly me to the moon" by Frank Sinatra and his dancers, who presented a show on hoops on stage, the beautiful gymnast dancers caught the attention of the gentlemen present. Kamali showed on stage a lot of professionalism when singing, he has a great personality "all sweet", so the song he performed captivated the eyes of young girls and ladies who witnessed his entrance on stage and the singer is young and very professional, he has a very peculiar style besides being tall, attentive, good looking and gentlemanly, Kamali Smith has a very well intoned voice where he showed his ability to sing, his charisma with the dancers who accompanied him which made the concert a night full of romance.

Then Tashara came on stage and sang "Crazy in love" song by Beyonce, an explosive presentation of music with attractive dancers that drove the gentlemen crazy, and that also pleased women, with their dances and performance and special interpretation on stage, in addition to the stunning play of lights that illuminated the place, it was a great show. Kassiano will be performing again in concert in Vallarta, where he will play songs such as My first my last my everything, Route 66, My way, and Moliendo Café, this song in particular the artist plays the steel drum which attracts a lot of attention since we observed that he not only sings but can play several instruments such as piano, drums and harmonica, something that impressed the audience. On April 2nd, Kass Smith will release his new reggae album "JOURNEYS" with his single "En Caso de Incendio", in Mexico City, as announced by the singer in his presentation on Friday February 25th, Kass also mentioned having recorded a video clip in Puerto Vallarta, which was a success, occupying the number 10 in the top ten list, worldwide with the song "Pushing you" recorded in Vallarta in 2019.

The show culminated with everyone dancing to "September" by Earth Wind and Fire and "I feel good" and "What a Wonderful world". At the end of the concert the people stood up as a form of gratitude and admiration for the excellent presentation of the artists on stage, which forced the artists to come down from the theater platform and attend to the signs of affection that the Americans and Canadians gave to the artists, who took pictures with them and received autographs.