Monday, February 19, 2018
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City celebrates the young of heart


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Mayor, Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz, congratulated the participants for their enthusiasm and reiterated his support.

The members of the 30 club's seniors celebrate the month of the Elderly with Sports and Cultural Day

As part of the activities of the Municipal DIF System to commemorate the Month of Grandfather, opened the "Sports and Cultural Day 2012 for the Elderly", involving young of heart 30 seniors club's of the municipality.

With the athletics competitions in the categories of walking and running for 100, 200 and 400 began the activities which the young of heart will celebrate for a week culminating in the traditional dance of the "fling"

The Mayor, Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz, congratulated the participants for their enthusiasm, "you are a true example to follow, the work we do from the municipal government is to pay them a little about how much they have done to have the Puerto Vallarta we have today. "

The President of DIF, Jennifer Serur reiterated that the young of heart are the darlings of the DIF, "we gather to celebrate our seniors, who with their energy and vitality motivate us to work every day from the DIF to guarantee conditions for a full life. With activities throughout the week, we will witnesses why our young of heart are the darlings of DIF ".

Excellent results in the competitions

With the Olympic parade involving competitors, the lighting of the perfume burner and the sports oath seniors began sporting activities in the energy and playfulness of the participants

With excellent performance in the walk of females 100 meters, the winners were: "A" category from 60 to 64 years to Maria de los Angeles Peña, in category "B" 65 to 69 years Dominga Vargas Trejo, in category "C" 70 to 74 years Francisca Chavarín Robles, in category "D" from 75 to 79 years Carmen Guerrero and in the "E" of 80 to 84 years to Juanita Ramos Bernal.

In walk of female's 200 meters were the winners in the category "A" Lucia Quintero, category "C" Isabel Garcia and category "E" Paula Castillón, walk 400 meters in category "A" Maria Rosario Valencia, category "B "Juana Aguayo, in category" C "category and Aguayo Carolina"D" Lupita Valdez.

In the male's event, was awarded in the category of 100 meters in the different categories to Felipe Rodriguez and Rafael Quiñones, in 200 meters Eutiquio Colmenares, Edwiges Aguilar, Felix Arechiga, Leopoldo Reyes and Enrique Cesareo in categories A, B, C, D and E respectively, and
in 400 meters Manuel Torres.

Competencies are closed with racing in the women's 100 meters the winner results were Rafaela Redondo winner in 200 meters Genoveva Joya and Estela Amezcua 400 meters. While in the men's 100 meters won first place Francisco Briseno and 200 meters sponsorship Aguilar

As one of the most exceptional cases is Tomas Langarica from the club Bella Esperanza, who every year exceeds his own record this time ran 400 meters in a time of 1.22 minutes.

The activities of the Cultural and Sports Day for the Elderly, will continue today at 6 pm at Plaza Galerias with the participation of music groups and singing clubs, and on Thursday in the corridors of the City Hall from 10 in the morning with the Expo Sale Arts and Crafts for the Elderly; activities that are open to the general public so they can go to enjoy the talents of our young of heart.

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